End of the fun!

This journey begins to the end and I have learned alot. The days has past fast as the wind, I am really going to miss this place. There has been both good and bad minutes, but most good ones. I am going to miss the people here, for example because of their friendly faces and nice talks. Everyone here seems so good and natural, and I have been a part of a great community. As you know, the reason I went to Albuquerque of all places, is because of the shootings that occurred for a month ago. I have followed up the incident, talked to people who are affected by the incident, and friends to the killed family. There have been many tears and hard moments, and I have really had the time to understand the people in this city. How they struggle to understand, how scared the kids are, how hurted the related to the family are.
The best things with this trip has been just meeting these wonderful people and to hear their stories. I have learned an incredible amount and I really do not regret coming here. But things have not just been a bed of roses. By listening to the different stories from all the people I have met, I have really got new perspective of everything, and I really feel connected to this case now. It is hard think about this terrible incident.

This journey will always have a place in my heart, but in some ways I really look forward to come home again. Some day I think I will go back here, but for now, this is enough! Good bye. :)

Reflections and thoughts

Hi everyone! I have thought a little, and in one of my long walks, i realized something. I am starting to feel like an real member of this city. It feels like people know me, like they can read my mind and my whole personality by just look at me.

When I see people on the street, I often analyze their whole facial express by just look at them in a couple of seconds. Some of the citizens here seem totally unconcerned, while other looks scared and jump several feet in the slightest noise. But the people here does not differ from Sweden that much, actually. It is just small things, like the friendlieness for example. Home, the strangers you see on the streets almost always looks bitter, and almost eveyone glances at you like you are an alien. Here, one the other hand, every person you meet smiles or waves at you, or even start talking to you at a nice way. They do not see strangers as normal or weird, they are like nice in their nature. It gives me a good feeling inside, It feels like we are all a big family. I am going to miss that feeling, but it is still four days left on my trip, and I am going to enjoy every last minute!

It is getting late now and I must save my sleep, but you can hope for a new post tomorrow. Good night!


The last few days, I have been focusing on the people I meet here and what I am learning from them. Most of all, I have been talking to ones who has been hardest hit by the terrible incident. When I talked with the neiborgs to the shooted family, I saw how brave they tried to hold back the tears. People here are in chock, they do not even know how to react or what to say. The people closest to the family are in deep grief, and they are trying their hardest to understand. But at the same time, they are smiling and trying to show their best side, their normal side.

I am going to continue this post later today, because I want to take a walk and get to know the people here
better. :)
Talk to you later

Country facts and opinions

The U.S consists of fifty states, and the one I have gone to is named New Mexico. The environment in the whole country depend on wich state you're in. In the coastal plainsk in the region Píedmont, there is deciduous forests. In the midwest, we find the big lakes. There is also the Mississippi-Missouririver, that floows through the heart of the U.S, in north-south direction. From north to south in the country extends Rocky Mountains, which in Colorado has a height of 4300 meters.
Because of its large surface, the United States got all types of climate. The south edge of Florida is tropical, the Great Planes is semi-arid, and the Great Basin is dry. There is desert in the southwest, and California got Mediterranean climate. Also, there is coastal climate in South Alaska, Oregon and Washington.
The greenhouse effect is affected much of the United States, because they emit the most carbon dioxide in the world. They emit more than 20 tons of carbon dioxide per person per year, compared with Sweden, which emits almost 6 tons. United States also increased its emissions by 12 percent in 1960's.
There has been several disasters in the country during 2012/2013, both in the environment and other. For example, the hurricane Sandy that hit the east coast of usa. Some 40 fatalities, eight million households without power, and flooded public transport was the result of the hurricane. There has also been terrible fatalshootings this winter, like the school shooting in Newtown where altogether 28 people died.
I think disasters like these are terrifying, and they give you a real eye-opener. I really do not understand how a human can do this to another human, to their own kind.

My suitcase. :)

I have packed for this trip in many weaks, and my suitcase is full of both warm and thin clothes :)
My suitcase is full of both warm and chilly clothes, but the tempature here is almost the same as home. The difference is that there are no frost or snow, and today, for example, the tempature is +7°.

However, here is a little list of the stuff that is hiding in my pack!

• jeans, sweatpants, hoodies and som shirts

• outwears like a springjacket, a pair of converse, and (nånting)

• regular stuff like a smaller handbag, mobile charger, headphones, some maps over Albuquerque, a couple of books and magazines, and a camera.

Most important of all, I always bring my smile. :)

Now I intend on enjoying some dinner and conversations with the other people here! Earlier today, I ate breakfast buffet, and I almost can not describe how delicious it was. Their where toasts with ham and cheese, scrambled eggs and bacon, chocolate chip coocies, hundreds of different juices, fruit salads and a chocolate fountain. The fruits just melted on my tongue and it was the most wonderful breakfast I have eaten in a long time. So I have big expectations for the dinner.

Tomorow I have planned to check out the city and take a cab to the crime scene. Have a good evening, see you tomorrow!




First sight of the hotel

I have finely arrived at the hotel DoubleTree, and I can not even describe how amazing it feels. I feel warm and bubbly in my whole body, but also a little nervous. The first few steps out of the Albuquerque National Sunport felt huge, like when you step out on a stage in front of thousands of people. The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Albuquerque, and it includes all the amenities like breakfast, lunch, and dinner -buffets, spa and massage room, free wifi, and bubblepool on each floor. I am also very happy with my hotel room, and the bed is wonderful.

However, as you know, I am here for ten days to analyze fatal shooting that occurred here a few weeks ago. The incident has affected the citizens really bad, and many people are afraid of almost everything

I am going to check out the hotel now and maybe grab a bit food. But I will show you my suitbag and all the stuff i have packed later

This is some pictures from the hotel, I have find them all at the website of the hotel.

I'm on the plane!

Hi everyone :)
This post will be quite short because plane will take off soon.

Right now I am still in Washington, 40 degrees longitude and 75 degrees latitude, and I am north of the equator. There is quite many diferences between US and Sweden, for example the population. Here in US, there is a population of 314159265 citizens, while in Sweden, it is only about 954000 citizens. Also, US has an area of 9529000 square, and Sweden has 449964.
The city I am going to is named Albuquerque, and lies in the state New Mexico. New Mexico lies 103°W till 109°W longitud and  31°20'N till 37°N latitud. It is the fifth largest state of the surface, and got a population of 1 954 599 residents.
I am so excited to arrive in Albuquerque, and I have high expectations. Have a good night!

The trip has begin!

Hi guys! I have landed here on Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport for about an hour ago, and now I am sitting on a coozy chair in a cafe called Starbucks. My next flight will take me to my final destination, Albuqurque in New Mexio, in two hours. The weather here is quite similar with home, but it is a bit warmer and not that much snow.
It is teeming with people, and everything feels overwhelming. Right now, I barely miss my family and home at all, I am just excited about the whole trip and can not wait for the next plane.
I am going to continue my coffee now, but I will write later on the plane.
See you soon guys, bye!