Reflections and thoughts

Hi everyone! I have thought a little, and in one of my long walks, i realized something. I am starting to feel like an real member of this city. It feels like people know me, like they can read my mind and my whole personality by just look at me.

When I see people on the street, I often analyze their whole facial express by just look at them in a couple of seconds. Some of the citizens here seem totally unconcerned, while other looks scared and jump several feet in the slightest noise. But the people here does not differ from Sweden that much, actually. It is just small things, like the friendlieness for example. Home, the strangers you see on the streets almost always looks bitter, and almost eveyone glances at you like you are an alien. Here, one the other hand, every person you meet smiles or waves at you, or even start talking to you at a nice way. They do not see strangers as normal or weird, they are like nice in their nature. It gives me a good feeling inside, It feels like we are all a big family. I am going to miss that feeling, but it is still four days left on my trip, and I am going to enjoy every last minute!

It is getting late now and I must save my sleep, but you can hope for a new post tomorrow. Good night!


The last few days, I have been focusing on the people I meet here and what I am learning from them. Most of all, I have been talking to ones who has been hardest hit by the terrible incident. When I talked with the neiborgs to the shooted family, I saw how brave they tried to hold back the tears. People here are in chock, they do not even know how to react or what to say. The people closest to the family are in deep grief, and they are trying their hardest to understand. But at the same time, they are smiling and trying to show their best side, their normal side.

I am going to continue this post later today, because I want to take a walk and get to know the people here
better. :)
Talk to you later