End of the fun!

This journey begins to the end and I have learned alot. The days has past fast as the wind, I am really going to miss this place. There has been both good and bad minutes, but most good ones. I am going to miss the people here, for example because of their friendly faces and nice talks. Everyone here seems so good and natural, and I have been a part of a great community. As you know, the reason I went to Albuquerque of all places, is because of the shootings that occurred for a month ago. I have followed up the incident, talked to people who are affected by the incident, and friends to the killed family. There have been many tears and hard moments, and I have really had the time to understand the people in this city. How they struggle to understand, how scared the kids are, how hurted the related to the family are.
The best things with this trip has been just meeting these wonderful people and to hear their stories. I have learned an incredible amount and I really do not regret coming here. But things have not just been a bed of roses. By listening to the different stories from all the people I have met, I have really got new perspective of everything, and I really feel connected to this case now. It is hard think about this terrible incident.

This journey will always have a place in my heart, but in some ways I really look forward to come home again. Some day I think I will go back here, but for now, this is enough! Good bye. :)

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