First sight of the hotel

I have finely arrived at the hotel DoubleTree, and I can not even describe how amazing it feels. I feel warm and bubbly in my whole body, but also a little nervous. The first few steps out of the Albuquerque National Sunport felt huge, like when you step out on a stage in front of thousands of people. The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Albuquerque, and it includes all the amenities like breakfast, lunch, and dinner -buffets, spa and massage room, free wifi, and bubblepool on each floor. I am also very happy with my hotel room, and the bed is wonderful.

However, as you know, I am here for ten days to analyze fatal shooting that occurred here a few weeks ago. The incident has affected the citizens really bad, and many people are afraid of almost everything

I am going to check out the hotel now and maybe grab a bit food. But I will show you my suitbag and all the stuff i have packed later

This is some pictures from the hotel, I have find them all at the website of the hotel.


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