I'm on the plane!

Hi everyone :)
This post will be quite short because plane will take off soon.

Right now I am still in Washington, 40 degrees longitude and 75 degrees latitude, and I am north of the equator. There is quite many diferences between US and Sweden, for example the population. Here in US, there is a population of 314159265 citizens, while in Sweden, it is only about 954000 citizens. Also, US has an area of 9529000 square, and Sweden has 449964.
The city I am going to is named Albuquerque, and lies in the state New Mexico. New Mexico lies 103°W till 109°W longitud and  31°20'N till 37°N latitud. It is the fifth largest state of the surface, and got a population of 1 954 599 residents.
I am so excited to arrive in Albuquerque, and I have high expectations. Have a good night!


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