My suitcase. :)

I have packed for this trip in many weaks, and my suitcase is full of both warm and thin clothes :)
My suitcase is full of both warm and chilly clothes, but the tempature here is almost the same as home. The difference is that there are no frost or snow, and today, for example, the tempature is +7°.

However, here is a little list of the stuff that is hiding in my pack!

• jeans, sweatpants, hoodies and som shirts

• outwears like a springjacket, a pair of converse, and (nånting)

• regular stuff like a smaller handbag, mobile charger, headphones, some maps over Albuquerque, a couple of books and magazines, and a camera.

Most important of all, I always bring my smile. :)

Now I intend on enjoying some dinner and conversations with the other people here! Earlier today, I ate breakfast buffet, and I almost can not describe how delicious it was. Their where toasts with ham and cheese, scrambled eggs and bacon, chocolate chip coocies, hundreds of different juices, fruit salads and a chocolate fountain. The fruits just melted on my tongue and it was the most wonderful breakfast I have eaten in a long time. So I have big expectations for the dinner.

Tomorow I have planned to check out the city and take a cab to the crime scene. Have a good evening, see you tomorrow!





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