Country facts and opinions

The U.S consists of fifty states, and the one I have gone to is named New Mexico. The environment in the whole country depend on wich state you're in. In the coastal plainsk in the region Píedmont, there is deciduous forests. In the midwest, we find the big lakes. There is also the Mississippi-Missouririver, that floows through the heart of the U.S, in north-south direction. From north to south in the country extends Rocky Mountains, which in Colorado has a height of 4300 meters.
Because of its large surface, the United States got all types of climate. The south edge of Florida is tropical, the Great Planes is semi-arid, and the Great Basin is dry. There is desert in the southwest, and California got Mediterranean climate. Also, there is coastal climate in South Alaska, Oregon and Washington.
The greenhouse effect is affected much of the United States, because they emit the most carbon dioxide in the world. They emit more than 20 tons of carbon dioxide per person per year, compared with Sweden, which emits almost 6 tons. United States also increased its emissions by 12 percent in 1960's.
There has been several disasters in the country during 2012/2013, both in the environment and other. For example, the hurricane Sandy that hit the east coast of usa. Some 40 fatalities, eight million households without power, and flooded public transport was the result of the hurricane. There has also been terrible fatalshootings this winter, like the school shooting in Newtown where altogether 28 people died.
I think disasters like these are terrifying, and they give you a real eye-opener. I really do not understand how a human can do this to another human, to their own kind.